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Fun test of your brain

You are familiar with the left brain/right brain idea. Psychologists and neurologists used to scoff, nowadays they seem to be more tolerant. It's possible that the idea of location (left/right) is simply a metaphor. Or not - who cares? The gist is that right brain is dispersive decentralised pattern recognition, the left brain is sequential and analytical, and better with language. Or whatever.

here's a very quick test (download a v. short exe file) which evaluates your left/right and visual/auditory preference. I relaxed and entered the first thing that came into my head for each question and got this:

Auditory 38.5%/ Visual 61.5%
Left brain 34.8%/ Right brain 65.2%

Your strong right hemisopheric dominance and visual prefernce fits most people's stereotype of an artist... You deal with material randomly and intuitively and find symbolism everywhere. Categories are temporary, created and recreated. Organisation may not be your forte, and you are likely to perceive it at times as constricting. While capable of being logical (your ideas) are often not explainable even to yourself, as that requires left-brain translation... Capable of skipping from project to project... Tend not to categorise experiences by rather prefer simply have them and react to them (this is very true I think) Your best learning style is to see relationships as pictures. If asked questions you may find your access locked (This is so true) ... Help yourself by drawing pictures as you take notes (I do this all the time)

I think it's interesting that I like to work with words, when words are in some ways an act for me. I don't think in words, so I draw on words to paint a picture of non-verbal thought processes. Just today I got totally stuck in a meeting because I could see - I can still see - the mistake in the decision being made but I couldn't render it into words. So frustrating. When I'm with friends I tend to just blurt, and hope people overlook the mistakes.

I trust my grasp, but I don't always trust my rendition. Blogs are good for me in that respect because this medium gives me time to think about the words to use.
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