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I love Big Brother

I think you know by now how much I hate James Dobson and Focus on the Family. There has been quite a bit of blog-level publicity over the weekend about the Refuge re-education camps that are associated with his movement and Love In Action. Teenagers can be turned in by their parents for forcible re-education. Attention has been focussed this week on a young man of 16 sent there because he told his parents he was gay. At the camp youngsters are not allowed to speak privately to each other or touch other human beings.

Kids in the program are not allowed to speak to anyone, not even their parents, for at least the first two days.
Kids are not allowed to go anywhere unless they are accompanied by at least two other participants, one of which has to have at least 8 weeks of prior indoctrination.
Kids are not allowed to keep a journal or a diary
Kids are not allowed to discuss what goes on in the program with anyone, not even their parents
Kids are not allowed to have contact with any family members other than parents, who also go through the program
Kids are not allowed to have any physical contact with any human being other than a hand shake or a pat on the shoulder, and only when authorized.
Kids are not allowed to listen to any music that is not explicitly Christian (Bach and Beethoven are specifically forbidden as being non-Christian)
Kids are not allowed to speak after 9:00 p.m. under any circumstance
Kids may be placed in a state of isolation where they are not allowed to communicate with one another

Other rules are that girls must shave their legs and armpits at least twice a week and must wear bras at all times except when asleep. Sports bras incidentally are explicitly forbidden - perhaps they are omg teh gay.

Anyway, words for my rage fail me. As a parent of teenagers I have strong strong feelings on parents and other adults interfering with children's development in general and sexuality in particular. I think adults have responsibility to put their own emotional disturbances on hold when it comes to dealing with the youngsters in their care. I can't go on, it annoys and depresses me too much.

Some links:
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alas, a blog
livejournal entry about people protesting outside the camp

One last comment - I know the Christians on my friends list have no association with this type of thing, please don't think I link your beliefs to this trash.
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