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Hello, handsome

Lots of lovely reviews in everyone's blogs about Doctor Who. Splendid. I had the good fortune to watch it with altariel, the_wild_iris, iainjcoleman and i_smell_shite which enhanced my viewing pleasure.

I just must get my niggle out of the way. I don't like the future to be too much like the present, and I'd have preferrred subtle allusion to downright spoof of modern TV. And to answer my earlier question - yes, it was a bit like Lafftrak, but not quite so vulgar.

Apart from that, I enjoyed it as much as always. My favourite line was Captain Jack saying 'Hello, handsome' to the Doctor, in a totally natural way. I shall try to use this expression in conversation wherever possible. And the other high point for me was the way they lit and shot Christopher Ecclestone's face. He isn't my type in particular, but I thought he came across as quite beautiful and intense.

Incidentally today I popped over for tea with my mum, a retired vicar. I of course asked her what she thought of Doctor Who: 'Oh yes, we love it, I particularly like the social messages. For example the inclusion of a bisexual character. Isn't he good?' Oh, right. Bloody older generation.

Incidentally when we did 'The Reduced Blakes 7' at Redemption we included an interview between Terry Nation and the controller of the BBC, which then got lifted for the Dr Who evening on BBC2. And next performance we did a Big Brother version of Blakes 7. Draw your own conclusions. (I'm not serious)
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