Communicator (communicator) wrote,

Writing about ecstasy

Slacktivist has an excellent post comparing writing about religious ecstasy to writing about sex (with particular reference to the 'Left Behind' series as an instance of rubbish theology). Coincidentally immortalradical also posts about disappointing religious writing (in that case 'The Sparrow').

Dislike of porn doesn't necessarily mean fear of sex. Dislike of a religious book doesn't mean hatred of religious ideas. It might even mean your standards are high.

Ah, but what is good and bad when writing about sex or religion? I know some sexy stories that I read and like are hated by other people (stuff I wrote about sex is probably hated too). I know some religious stuff that I hate, is liked by people whose opinions I respect.

But the porn I hate - ah, that really is bad :-)
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