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New course

I have been accepted onto a course starting in October, at the University of Central England. In line with my fear of making any sort of long-term commitment I've only signed up for the first term (four months) at which point I can pack it in if I don't like it, or convert up to a year-long certificate course, and if I like that I can sign up for the second year which will give me a diploma.

The course is in Hypnotherapy and Psychotherapy. My feeling is that if the course is awful, or I am completely rubbish, it will still be an interesting short experience. If the course is good, and I am good enough, then I will be learning a new skill. The course is legitimate, it is accredited by a proper exam council (I checked with H who used to work in vocational accreditation) and on completion you can apply for registered NHS provider status, which I don't think they offer willy-nilly.

The course is designed for people like me in full time work, the teaching is 10am-5pm Sat and Sun, 1 weekend a month, plus two Thursday evening seminars per month. I would also have to undertake three case studies per month, so it's fairly demanding.

I feel that hypnotherapy suits me, because I like to teach people skills, rather than be a therapist in the more traditional sense. I am not sure if I ever envisage myself doing this as a job, of course: it may end up (assuming I persist with it) doing it as a voluntary activity perhaps?
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