Communicator (communicator) wrote,

The ideas.. they harm!

From Matthew Cheney a list of the ten most harmful books of the last two centuries (according to - hem hem - Conservative Weekly)

The Communist Manifesto (Marx)

Mein Kampf (Hitler)

Quotations of Chairman Mao

The Kinsey Report on Sexual Behaviour in the Human Male: to be fair, they complain that Kinsey was insufficiently cautious about adult sexualisation of children, which I think is fair criticism

Democracy and education (Dewey): that they find this book harmful tells you everything you need to know about the conservative mind set. Their review of this book complains that Dewey 'disparaged schooling that focused on ... hard knowledge, and encouraged the teaching of thinking skills instead'. OMG not thinking skills!

Das Kapital (Marx)

The Feminine Mystique (Friedan): get back in the kitchen, harlot

The Course of Positive Philosophy (August Comte): atheism

Beyond Good and Evil (Nietzche): oh, please

General Theory of Employment, Interest and Money (Keynes): they should read this, they might learn something

They list some other 'dangerous' books which include

The Authoritarian Personality (Theodor Adorno)
On Liberty (John Stuart Mill)
Origin of the Species (Charles Darwin)
Madness and Civilization (Michel Foucault)
The Second Sex (Simone de Beauvoir)
Coming of Age in Samoa (Margaret Mead)
Silent Spring (Rachel Carson)
Introduction to psychoanalysis (Freud)

Can you imagine being that frightened, that insecure, that you think these books are harmful?
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