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Two films

I saw two films this weekend. The Thirteenth Floor, which I saw when drunk. Frankly, rubbish. The art direction was quite good and Vincent D'Onofrio gave it large of course, which is why I watched it. But the lead, Craig Bierko, was like a piece of plastic, and the script was dire. There was one funny scene when Bierko was supposed to be taken over by an evil personality, which he indicated by the expedient of opening his eyes a bit wider, and in the background VDO was emoting like mad, and sniffing the furniture. He just totally showed him up. I had to laugh.

The other film was a million miles better: Gangster No. 1. Not the very highest level of British gangster movies, but with plenty of good acting. David Thewlis is one of those flashy pretty sixties London gangsters we used to have. Paul Bettany is his right hand man with a massive crush on him. While Thewlis is ruthless, Bettany is a complete psycho. Bettany sets Thewlis up for a fall, which culminates in Bettany killing Thewlis' gang rival in a sort of ecstatic love/hate orgy. Worth watching the film just for this.

You experience this prolonged murder from the point of view of the victim, lying on the floor, looking upwards. It reminded me of how you experience Ewan MacGregor's heroin ovedose in Trainspotting. It made it more intimate than violence, say in Tarantino, which you experience from the outside, as the perpetrator. The dying man keeps blacking out, and coming to, and Bettany has more and more blood on him every time, nd is acting more and more frenzied.

I would guess that this, horrible as it is to say, was rather a good rendition of what it would be like to be chopped up by a mad psycho. The reason is that the one or two times I have gone into shock - in hospital when things went wrong - it was a lot like this. You don't feel any pain, and black comes in on either side of your visual field. And then you come back to consciousness again, and there's the ceiling, and you sort of think 'oh, if it's so important to be conscious, why is it so boring?' ' I expect those of you who have been in accidents or other physical extremeties have had similar experiences.

Anyway, that's kind of frightening, to experience murder from the inside.
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