Communicator (communicator) wrote,

He doesn't get it

A buffoon called Max Ross has posted an idiotic piece about how rape is not that bad, and been mocked by men and women equally. This post by Brad R at 'sadly, no' for example takes Max to pieces. So do many men and women in the comments to Max's piece. I like modern guys.

I know some of my lj friends are into BDSM, and that's cool, and I'm not initiating a discussion about that. BDSM is about female desire, isn't it, regardless of who tops on any given occasion? And also the whole point of rape fantiasies is that they are all planned in advance and have safe words?

But listen to Max:

Almost universal among mammals, 'nature' has mostly opted to leave the desires of females out of the equation in regards to procreating...the male in general takes a female at his whim.... boys were designed to 'hit' as many females in the shortest period of time, whether the women want to mate or not. Through out human history this has been the 'natural order.'

So, let me get this right: Max thinks it is the natural order that females don't have sexual desire, and males copulate with them even though they don't want to? And I have to say, Max, Max, you have been doing sex wrong for your whole life, and you've just admitted it on the Internet. oops

Someone ought to tell Max that women like it, a lot, if you do it right. If you get your technique down they'll dig it so much that they come looking for you. They'll miss lunch so they can do it in the back of your van. Or whatever. That's how it works, Max, and you've been missing out.

Anyway Max, sadly, finds that political correctness has gone mad.

under the current realities of gender relations, the 'natural order' will have to wait

Those damn liberals. Max has to wait before he starts his rape spree.
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