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Books and films meme.

How many books do you own? How many films?
Quite a lot of books, though I'm a bit casual about them. I don't own many films on DVD or video. About a couple of dozen maybe, mostly presents. I watch quite a lot, through that screen select DVD returns thing I do. It's good.

Last book and film you bought?

I can't remember the last film I bought. The last books I bought were Singularity Sky for my son, and a guitar tab of the Chili Peppers for my daugher.

The last book you read and film you watched.

The last book I finished was the Jane Austen Book Club. Now I'm reading Libra (a literary novel about Lee Harvey Oswald) and this month's Interzone.

JABC is a good read. coalescent said he read it without having read any Jane Austen. You will miss a lot if you do that, because most of what happens is a reflection of something from one of the novels. The reflections happen in different ways, events from the novels transposed to the modern world, or similar character dynamics, or whatever.

The last film I watched on DVD was Delicatessen. It is a black comedy (for the french meaning of the word comedy) about meat by the director of Alien Resurrection. It's OK. Reminded me quite a lot of Belleville rendezvous (aka the Triplets of Belleville) though it isn't an animation.

The last film I watched at the cinema was Hitchiker's Guide to the Galaxy. Thought I might go and see The Jacket this weekend.

Films and books that mean a lot to me.

Ah, you know.

Film: Get Carter Michael Caine is a psychopath out to avenge his brother's death. I can quote this dialogue as I go. 'Clever sod aren't you?', 'Only comparatively'

Alien You know how you feel about Star Wars. Well I feel that way about Alien. Everything about it is superb. It's the SF of my brain, put out there in the big world. 'All other priorities rescinded.'

Spirited Away. It speaks directly to my subconscious. 'My name is the Kahaku river.'

The Big Lebowski The funniest film I've ever seen. 'Nice marmot'

Pulp Fiction I never said my choices were original. Like the films above, this thrills me intensely. Something about its relentless structure. 'I think I have a broken rib', 'From giving me oral pleasure?'

It's harder to do with books. I'll have a think about it.
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