Communicator (communicator) wrote,

The Wrong Trousers (of time)

Father's day - the latest Doctor Who - was good. I appreciate the scatter-gun of reviews across all the blogs. Your insights enhance the episode. For example espresso_addict says that it was Doctor Who meets 'Eastenders' OMG wasn't it? I don't like Eastenders, but it's the cultural landscape innit? Didn't occur to me, obvious now you point it out.

Nick Barlow says "Right near the end, after Pete’s decided what he has to, he’s walking down the aisle towards Rose. She’s framed on the left of the screen, low lit and looking like a statue of a tragic angel, the weight of the end of the world on her shoulders" Yes, I remember being struck by that shot. Billie Piper, surprisingly iconic in her physical presence. Who knew?

Time travel, time loop. archbishopm this is another perspective on that trope that we both like. You should try to see it if you can. What is the model of time used in this Doctor Who? Last week real-time had been somewhat damaged, and I think that episode would have been miuch better if we had seen more clearly that earth was developing wrong. Going down the wrong leg of the trousers of time, as Terry Pratchett might put it. In most time travel stories there are two types of time - there is physical time in which the hero can travel, and there is storytime, which progresses through causality, and where the right decisions have to be made. The meta-time in doctor who doesn't make simple sense - if the Time Lords ever existed then they should be accessible from any point in time, but instead, in meta-time, we are now in a 'time' or a causal space, which is inaccessible to them, where it is as if they have ceased in time.

Nick proposes that DW has an underlying benign model of time, benign but constrained, contrasted with the malevolent time of Sapphire and Steel (which I haven't seen). Perhaps time in DW is like a body which can heal but will remain scarred? Like if you lose a limb you don't die, and you do heal, but the leg doesn't come back. Hey, now I can link back to my trousers of time metaphor! Result.

Something I didn't like. 'I won't sacrifice this individual with whom I have an arbitrary relationship in order to save humanity', but luckily events work out so that humanity is saved anyway. OK, a person should make their own sacrifice, not have it forced onto them. But the humane resolution is a bit Hollywood, a bit Star Trek. And, may I be the hundredth person to say - don't show the monsters. Ach, don't mind my gripes. It was an excellent episode.
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