Communicator (communicator) wrote,

I reached the top and had to stop and that's what's bothering me

Via liliha I link to this essay on theology and hierarchy. I don't know what liliha's opinion is, and apologies to her if my opinions are very different from hers, but this essay - though literate in its way - is everything I dislike about religion.

the theologian claims:

We all rank according to the scale of being. This elusive quality I might define as degree of closeness to, or participation in, the Godhead.

And what is the alternative?

ignorance of hierarchy is in truth the black hole at the bottom of the world's woes.

He goes on to link loads of stuff he doesn't like to this breakdown in hierarchy. For instance he argues that Stephen Jay Gould's idea that 'A crab is not lower or less complex than a human being leads to the practice of torture ('so why not boil a person like a crab?'). I think he missed Gould's point there.

Now, here's my perspective. Hierarchy is a primate obsession, specifically an obsession of aging male primates. These competitive old apes project their obsession onto the whole cosmos. The ultimate spiritual reality becomes an ape-scratching session. God is king of the swingers. The old ape and his buddies are nearest to god, with those pesky crabs way down the hierarchy.
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