Communicator (communicator) wrote,

Days like these

I apologise if I've appeared terse or abrupt the last couple of days - lack of sleep. Feel quite a bit better now.

Someone in _the_firefly_ community did a brilliant fake title sequence, cut to the theme tune to Friends. I assume as it is not friends-locked that it's OK to point at it Here.

altariel asks - if there were no limits of talent, resources etc. which (music) album would you have made? Not what do you think is the best, but what is most like what you would make?

My answer is Different Class by Pulp.

What film would you have made? What novel would you have written? What TV programme or series?

for me, perhaps

film - Ravenous
novel - Red Harvest (by Dashiell Hammett)
TV - Blackadder series 4 No, Spaced of course.

These aren't the very best film, novel, etc. ever. They are just the most like what I would probably create if I had the talent. I'd love to hear your answers.
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