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Take Me Out

In the interview I linked to yesterday, Adam Baldwin says that his favourite scene in Firefly is his first meeting with Mal (the flashback in Out of Gas) with honourable mentions to him almost getting spaced by Mal in Ariel, of course, and Simon's birthday party (awww). Those first two would of course be the main contents of my imaginary Mal/Jayne video.

But if I had to pick out one acting moment it would be an earlier scene in Out of Gas, where Mal is being forceful with Wash. Wash is refusing to work, because his wife is dying. Mal, showing leadership, aggressively forces Wash to go back to the flight deck. Jayne is watching this exchange, and you can see he is learning something about responsibility and the appropriate use of moderated aggression. Jayne's enlightenment is not the most important thing happening on screen, but Adam is working away doing something meaningful in the background. Real acting.

From the interview: Adam: " For Jayne, his superficial goals are rugged individualism, money, sex, freedom from authority, and a little more sex. But the most important thing for humans is love... It’s your connections to the people you’re with. It’s a subtext that I as an actor choose to play, but Joss said, “Bring it back, Adam. You don’t love anybody. That’s not going to work for this character."

I have got to say, that I think he is right and Joss Whedon is wrong.

Here is Adam again.

He really cares what Mal thinks. Mal, to Jayne, represents respect for self. It’s respect for an ideal of honesty. Of honor.

That's exactly what I think, and what i wanted to convey by using 'Take Me Out' as the music track. 'Take me out' meaning 'kill me' and also 'go out with me' and also 'take me out of myself'.
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