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I call it — like I see em’

Some writing is clumsy, or lacks depth or subtlety. Some writing is illiterate, or hackneyed or incoherent. Is it fair to judge the writer on the basis of the quality of the writing? Some intelligent people don't verbalise well, so it's dangerous to infer quality of thought from quality of writing. I know how careless my writing can be, and I don't want to be judged by it.

I expect most of you who write novels or short stories know how sad the chasm can be between the notions in your head, and the product on the page. My touchstone for poor writing is Dan Brown; but who knows, perhaps the stories in his head are marvellous. Like the music videos I magine but never create.

A spectacularly bad essay writer is Kaye Grogan, who is regularly eviscerated by The Poor Man. Her use of language is desperately poor. Here is one tiny example:

Now I know it’s common protocol these days for the liberals to take exception with those pointing out how “run amok” liberal judges and courts are in their recent rulings, but really isn’t it time you found your way back into the real world? I call it — like I see em’.

This incoherent writing makes me feel that her thoughts are incoherent. The terms are used wrongly, and the sentences are ungrammatical. You can read the rest of the article: it is all execrable. I can't resist; here's another example:

I'll just have to use another illustration other than the elephant standing on an ant's shoulders (pointed out by a liberal in an email sent to me of how impossible it is for a poor ant to bear the weight of an elephant on its shoulders — duh!) — to demonstrate how "unfair and unbalanced" all news entities tend to be. Lighten up and find a little humor if you can liberals!

Can we judge people like this as brainless? Are we so certain we are any better?
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