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I still like Franz Ferdinand and the new band I like is Kasabian. They played a free concert down the end of our road last year. Am I nuts, they remind me a bit of John Coltrane. Probably nuts.

You know what fan music videos are? You cut clips from a TV show or film, with a track as backing. Some of my lj friends make very good ones. I don't really know how to make them - I suppose you have to download the episode from some site or other, so that you can edit it.

So, when I'm in the gymn I just imagine videos to the songs I listen to. I wish you could see them because obviously with no technical limitations they are very well made :-) Do you do that? I tend to run images while I listen to music, if I'm not reading

I've got a good mental video, which is LA Confidential cut to 'Californication' by the chili peppers. And 'Can't take my eyes off you' for Ravenous.

But mostly I've been running Firefly videos in my mind's eye.

Chris Difford was on Jonathan Ross today singing 'Cowboys are my weakness', I love that song (you can hear a clip here). I haven't heard it often enough to work out a proper mental video though.

I'd like to do a Jayne/Mal video to 'Take Me Out' by Franz Ferdinand. It would start with Jayne looking at Mal down the cross-hairs in 'Serenity' ('I'm just a shot away from you') and when it gets all tough and jerky we'd see the bits where Jayne gives Mal his gun, and then the bit where Mal beats up Jayne with a wrench. And then the last bit ('I won't be leaving here with you') is Jayne holding a gun on Mal, the first time they met (from 'Out of Gas') and the last image would be Jayne shooting his old boss so he can join Mal's crew.

A few other's I've been running are clips of Simon looking distressed/being beaten up to that song by the Kaiser Chiefs ('Oh my god, I can't believe it, I've never been this far away from home') and Simon/Jayne to 'Shall I stay or Shall I go' by the Clash.

Not sure if you can visualise these. Perhaps I'll have to learn to do videos and put in some actual work to create them. Humph.
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