Communicator (communicator) wrote,

Walk tall

In William Goldman's book 'What lie did I tell?' he says that he's obsessed with the comparative heights of celebrities. I think it's partly that he is quite tall himself, and it gratifies him to note that he is taller than most of the film stars he meets.

But I'm quite interested in that subject too. I don't think either tallness or shortness is more attractive, I just find height interesting. When I'm watching a football match I am interested in seeing which of the players are taller/shorter than others. I like celebrities who are rather tall (like Tim Robbins) and rather short (like Gene Kelly) and I dig scenes that emphasise height difference, such as the Colosseum scene in Gladiator when Maximus (ironic name) is bossing around the soldiers who are much taller than him.

This link will let you compare your height to famous people. I'm the same height as Al Pacino (5' 5'') and Lenin.
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