March 28th, 2012

breaking bad

Britain 2012

There's a train through Coventry station every hour that goes to Bournemouth so my daughter and I thought we might take a day trip to the seaside - it's a couple of hours journey each way. However, when we looked into it, a return ticket standard class for both of us would be three hundred pounds. That's madness. That's just saying to people 'we don't want your custom'. Anyway, forget it.

The underpasses in Coventry are haunted by beggars. The guy I saw yesterday had an unusual approach to encouraging donations: he was shouting at everyone 'You fucking jack-arses!' A businessman on his way to the station turned back and watched me through the underpass to make sure I was OK - it was unnecessary but thoughtful. As we walked up the slope he said 'I think he needs to improve his customer service.' There was a moment's silence from the underpass and then the guy's voice came billowing out 'You come back here and say that!'
Lane dancin

Mad Men 5.1

The return of Mad Men has produced a flurry of media activity. Reporters and professional reviewers think that Mad Men is about (1) Glamorous clothes! (2) There used to be smoking and racism! If they are writing in the Guardian there is also agonising about women's rights.

Yet I look at at this discussion on livejournal, and this discussion on metafilter, and see more complex and nuanced views of the season premier by the fans.
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breaking bad

Consequences alter cases

We decided to sit in the garden and drink wine and eat chocolate instead of going to the seaside. Also listen to Radio 6 and play Carcasonne. Starting a new job is going to be a shock isn't it?