March 3rd, 2012

breaking bad

'Cover misleading... Legos doen't play a critical role in this book'

Last time - it was years ago - I linked to a blog that made fun of stupid Amazon reviews, a couple of my friends said I was being an intellectual snob. Yeah but. It is really funny. Here is a blog of 'least helpful' Amazon reviews. To be fair only some are ignorant and illiterate. Most are racist and/or selfish. Like the review of a supermarket in Los Angeles, where he says 'People look at you angrily when you say get out of my way fatty'.

The review of a beer bong which says it must have something wrong with it because after they drank the beer some of them threw up made me laugh so much the computer was shaking about.
breaking bad


The Nordic Noir film talk was good. The discussion wasn't exactly ground-breaking, but it jogged along pleasantly enough, with plenty of snippets from films and TV shows. The two presenters were very informed, and I got the impression they were pitching the discussion below what they were capable of. I would have liked them to fly a little. But they knew all the people involved and had some gossipy insights. One of the presenters was Barry Forshaw author of Death in a Cold Climate, an overview of the genre, which I will probably buy (they sold out in the University bookshop - poor planning).

The feature film they showed was Headhunter, a Norwegian film which comes out in April. It's not a typical Nordic Noir film. It's quite colourful and almost American in style, and indeed an American version is due later in the year, starring Mark Wahlberg. It reminded me a little of the other Norwegian film I have seen recently - Troll Hunter - in being funny in a violent and deadpan way. Oh, and also in making the most of the beautiful precipitous scenery of Norway.

The film is about an amoral art thief (reminiscent of Ripley?) who works as an executive head-hunter as a cover for his robbing. And - what do you know - the tables are turned on him, and he is hunted. It's robust, fairly convoluted, a bit shallow, enjoyable.