February 22nd, 2012

breaking bad

bits and pieces

I just came back from four days in the Peak District. We stayed in an old quarryman's cottage, which was very small and cosy with a wood fire. I just needed a break, and the college was closed for two days, so I scarpered. We did a lot of walking, and sleeping, and didn't watch telly or use a computer or anything. I visited Arbor Low and Nine Ladies stone circles on a freezing windy day. They have a very different feel from each other. Arbor Low is forbidding and stark, and Nine Ladies is light hearted and cheering. There were a lot of little tokens and mementos tied to the branches of a rowan next to it.

I have taken up knitting and I made a jumper but alas it is rubbish. Like unwearable rubbish. But never mind, you have to start somewhere. It was quite relaxing to make it.

This evening I thought I might go and see The Artist, but when I got to the cinema the place was heaving. There were six big lines for tickets. That's more than your average Saturday night. I think this is the effect of the Orange Wednesday special offer. I was unlucky and got in the wrong line, and it wasn't moving at all. I stood there ten minutes and he didn't manage to sell one ticket. I think his machine might have broken. Anyway, it got so late I thought even if he fixes the machine I'm not going to see the start of this film, so I gave up and came back home.

Not sure whether there's one massive film out at the moment which accounts for the crowds. According to the Guardian The Woman in Black is top of the charts. Or maybe it is more that there are a few fairly good films around at present. I was thinking of seeing the new Cronenberg at least.