February 11th, 2012

breaking bad

Who is briefing?

I often have a feeling about political secrets, but I can't think who are the three Ministers who are anonymously briefing against NHS reform to ConservativeHome blog.
Speaking to ConservativeHome, three Tory Cabinet ministers have now also rung the alarm bell. One was insistent the Bill must be dropped. Another said Andrew Lansley must be replaced. Another likened the NHS reforms to the poll tax.

One is tempted to think they must be the more centrist and moderate Ministers, like Clarke. But Clarke isn't an anonymous comment kind of guy. It's not Warsi because she has made an angry response to the article. It might be Hague as part of some elaborate manoeuvre which he thinks is terribly clever. It might be Pickles because as token working-class person he'll be the first to get thrown to the wolves if there are any repercussions, so he might be feeling nervous*.

In this Guardian article Michael White speculates on the identity of the sekrit critics. He says one might be Owen Paterson, the Northern Ireland secretary (no idea). He also thinks it might be Michael Gove, who is just enough of a two-faced weasel to stick the knife in to his 'friend' even though he privately supports the abolition of the NHS. That would make him three-faced I suppose. Anyway, the speculation continues in the comments to that article with just about everyone being mentioned.

Meanwhile, you can sign the petition on the Government's website urging them to drop the NHS 'Reform' bill. Follow this link. The number of signatures is currently at 63,272. I don't know how long it has been up. Thanks to kalypso_v for the link.

*Actually I guess Pickles will be second to be sacked after Lansley himself, who is a dead man walking. Though Michael White thinks Cameron will keep him alive until just before the next election so he can spectacularly sacrifice him then to propitiate the electorate. What gruesome imagery comes to mind.