January 9th, 2012

breaking bad

On yer bike

I am not posting very much because I am very busy at the moment. I have interviews coming up for two quite demanding jobs - one at a University, one working for a professional association - and I have to prepare quite heavily for them. Plus teaching has begun again for the new term, and I'm trying to finish my book. I am not sure how well I will do in the interviews so I will still apply to other jobs - happytune just sent me a link to a really good one. As I said when I was feeling gloomy, I am just not getting reliable enough hours in my current job, which is a shame because otherwise steady part-time teaching plus writing would be great for me.

I got my bike serviced and some old parts replaced at Halfords, and panniers put on it. I am going to make an effort to cycle more, and drive less. I don't drive that much, not every day, but having the bike ready to go will make it even easier to cut back. For example I walk to work, it takes about 50 minutes. If I am running late I sometimes drive in. But with my bike I have another option. I can also get to the supermarket for small shopping - up to about two bags I guess will go in my panniers.

At new year I predicted that things will change for me this year - which I still believe. I was feeling frightened about that, but nine days into 2012 I am feeling more in control of the process than I was, and more optimistic.