October 23rd, 2011

breaking bad


I have had an ear infection developing for the past couple of weeks. Tried to ignore it, and yesterday it was quite a bit worse. I went to a chemist and he said he couldn't do anything, was it an emergency? I had to say no. I have woken up this morning and I am completely deaf in one ear, and there's horrid stuff coming out, so I think it's an emergency now. I am going to wake H up in a minute, and get him to drive me to the local NHS walk-in clinic, which opens at 8am.

I know, I know, that many people on my f-list are genuinely ill, while this is a rather a silly little thing. But isn't it funny how something like this commands your personal attention: 'Help! A bit of me has gone wrong! Stop everything and deal with it!' Anyway, bit of a test for the health system, which I haven't interacted with at all for a couple of years.

I've got a meeting about a book tomorrow at my publisher, which has literally been planned for months and I just can NOT cancel. I blinking hope this gets sorted today. I have hopes that if I can insist on antibiotics then I will be on the mend by then. I won't leave without a prescription.