October 3rd, 2011

jesse thoughtful

Breaking Bad: End Times

Last night I had a transparent dream. I was wandering through a despoiled library with empty shelves. Things are running down and getting worse. These are the end times. And then on one of the shelves I saw a three-volume collection of Breaking Bad - for some reason turned into paperback novels. I got the first one out on my library ticket. If the world is coming to an end, might as well have something to read, eh?

The penultimate episode of this season of Breaking Bad presents us with a huge question. I am going to cut all the discussion - bad spoilers below the cut.
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ETA - well, there is a terrific amount of online controversy about this issue, and I have read good arguments on both sides, though I haven't changed my mind. I wonder whether this is something which will be left open to interpretation. It is is possible we never get a definitive answer.