August 11th, 2011

breaking bad

Deconstructing Rosa

nancylebov has pointed me at this lj post by rosamicula, which I disagree with quite profoundly. It's interesting because I believe it sets out the Tory standard line which will emerge on the riots. I will analyse it to show you what I think is wrong with it. My excerpts (in italics) are to orient you in the piece - if you think I have taken quotes out of context, read the whole thing. It is - by the way - a million times more subtle and well written than the normal Tory comments that one reads. But its message is poison in my opinion.

13 to 20% of kids ... walk away from school with no qualifications and very limited numeracy and literacy skills... This is not a recent development; those kids at the bottom have always been there.
The implication of this is false. A small proportion of the population are congenitally incapable of learning to read - so what - society must have a space for these people to live safely. And these do not make 1 in 5 human beings. The 13-20% may be people who have the capability to learn to read but have not learned, and they can be helped by intensive educational programs - but these programs must dovetail with larger systems of full employment and social participation, so that there is a point to them. The programs to help develop literacy have been deliberately closed down by the Coalition government. I know people who have literally lost their job teaching literacy in the past month, because of deliberate policy. This is serious and bad.
All governments of all hues since the seventies have failed to address this problem; the only difference between them is the narrative they have fed their respective voters about it.
Simply untrue. The Tories are currently deliberately dismantling Labour-established programs such as Connexions. This will not save money in the long term; it is being done for ideological reasons.
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breaking bad

Going away

I am going to the Peak District with H until Sunday. I am not going to lock out comments, but I am afraid this will allow a lot of spamming. The only way to block that is to block non-friend comments, and I don't want to do that.

Anyway, see you later.