June 29th, 2011

breaking bad

SFF 'Masterclass' weekend

Despite all my complaining in the last (f-locked) post about having no time, I am going to attend the Science Fiction Foundation Masterclass at Middlesex University this weekend. It's in Hendon.

I just feel I have been slogging myself, or flogging myself or something, for weeks, and I have won this three day pause in my bloody schedule. I am also fairly skint but I am going to stay with my brother in Epsom for the weekend, so I can afford it.

However there was masses of pre-reading you were supposed to do and - gosh I am not sure if I should be admitting this - but I have done none of it. As I say, something has to give, and I'm afraid it was that. I have not had any time. I've not been reading anything else either, apart from The Young Visiters which took half an hour.

For the last couple of weeks I have been thinking, perhaps I should drop out of the class (I have paid the fee, so I wouldn't be hurting anyone) because it isn't fair on the other attendees and the people leading the course to show up so utterly unprepared.

However, I have decided to just go, to explain if appropriate, and if I am really a waste of space I'll make myself scarce. But assuming I do not annoy everyone else too much I will enjoy myself.

(I have read quite a lot of the pre-reading, just because I had already read it, but I haven't done any extra.)