June 25th, 2011



This week my online friend Mistral died. She posted to livejournal as mistraltoes. I have known her online since the 1990s due to a shared passion for an obscure British SF show. We were very different in outlook: she was a conservative Christian American. Despite our disagreements she didn't fall out with me; she was never rude or unkind. She once told me that I might not believe it, but in her community she was considered rather a liberal.

She suffered from poor health, which had got a lot worse recently, and she stopped posting in the last couple of years. When I am trying to imagine the point of view of a reasonable conservative I often use Mistral as a mental touchstone. Probably still will.

Among my online friends she was particularly close to kerravonsen, who knew her much better than I did. They spoke fairly often by long distance phone. I know many of us will miss her. I certainly will.