June 24th, 2011

breaking bad

When the music stops grab a chair

I think I'd like this to be an open post, because some people not on lj read my journal, that I used to work with and so on. I went to a meet-up this week, with people from my old organisation, which was a government agency closed by the coalition. I have said before that I think stopping capable people from working is a waste not a saving. I think it unlikely that intelligent and highly educated people generate less value than they cost. Seriously, if the government couldn't get more value by employing me than I would cost in wages they deserve a kicking: I am an asset not a liability. Not being arrogant but come on. The majority of people I met are not working as much as they used to, and how can this be good for the economy? I was surprised how many are now literally earning nothing. Many are now supported by partners, or have retired early.

On the whole I would say the people who took their work most seriously, worked most selflessly, put in the longest hours, were most dedicated to the public good, have fared worst. These people have been used and discarded. They were not cynical and aggressive like I am. They trusted the system.