May 13th, 2011

breaking bad

Shadow Line

Shadow Line is a very stylised theatrical/arty TV series, which is currently showing on BBC2. It stars Chiwetel Ejiofor and Christopher Eccleston and Ralph Spall. It is about the murder of a drug kingpin, and investigations into whodunnit carried out in parallel by the police (Ejiofor) and the drug gang (Eccleston and Spall).

I thought there was a very good performance by an actress I have never seen before - Sharon D Clarke - who played the mother of a key witness who is on the run. Oh, apparently she's a regular in Holby City, so I suppose a lot of people know her already. She played a touching role - a strong brave person who was obviously not used to being intimidated, but was scared almost out of her wits by Spall, who plays a psychopathic little herbert.

Overall the acting is good, and the direction is very arty, like a play. It's obviously one of those shows where the BBc are being self-consciously classy, and the police/drug gang parallelism is inspired by The Wire, but what the heck none the worse for that. There has been some significantly good drama on BBC lately, and more to come, which is great.
breaking bad

...see the things / that make true happiness

BBC has been showing a mouth-watering composite trailer (YouTube link):


So many of my favourites in there: John Simm in Exile, Idris Elba in season 2 of Luther (which I hope they have understood what that needs to be like), Shadow Line which I just blogged about. Oh, and Jason Isaacs with his shirt off: who cares what show. And they have made a drama from Sarah Waters Night Watch, which is going to be fantastic I bet.

and another:

Bring Me Sunshine

Is just a general clever-clogs celebration of BBC light entertainment, which I think is quite funny. Doctor Who is in both.