May 6th, 2011

breaking bad

Election Night Special


In Touching the Void the climber Simon Yates finds himself tied to his friend Joe Simpson, who has fallen over a cliff. Simpson is dragging them both down, and Yates can not haul him up. He cuts the rope and frees himself. This is a metaphor for the decision the Scottish voters have made. If I lived in Scotland I would make this decision too. The UK is falling, and I don't blame other people for not wanting to go over the cliff. Scotland can not single handedly save the UK, but perhaps it can save itself.

Wales and Northern England

Wales and Northern England do not have this choice. They are part of the body and must try to save the body, hard as that task might seem. For these parts of the UK an attempt to save the centre is the best, if desperate, chance.

The rest

I said almost a year ago that the Tory party will burn up the Lib Dems like a space craft burning up its outer covering on re-entry. I think the conflagration may be slightly ahead of schedule. There are still miles of atmosphere to plummet through, and the worst has not yet begun.

The AV vote

I recommend that pro-AV people read some of this Crooked Timber Thread which shows the problems I have had with their way or arguing. The pro-AV commenters are abusive and aggressive, and seem unable to comprehend that the people who disagree with them may be doing so from a considered position, or to have full mental faculties. It's a long thread, but I recommend you look at comment #10 (pro-AV) and responding comments #12, #14 and #20 (AV-sceptical). If these were not typical of countless exchanges I have read then I would not link to them. There are many more in that thread.