March 23rd, 2011

breaking bad

Protest quandary

I am in a quandary. I really want to attend this weekend's protest against the Coalition. I probably want to attend it more than any other protest in my life. I settled my mind, because I knew there is a risk that there would be violent reprisals, that if any violence were directed at me I would not offer resistance. I am prepared to accept the consequences, even if I am hurt.

But, my daughter has decided to come home this weekend. It's her birthday, and she has saved up and bought a ticket home. What can I do? I can't leave her and go off for the day: she hasn't been home for months. Nor do I feel safe taking her with me. If she were determined to go then fair enough, but don't think she wants to. I could exert emotional pressure on her, but that feels wrong.

My sister is going with her son, who is in a wheelchair. He wants to go. Nevertheless of course it is a risk. He is quite helpless, if she for example was separated from him by police action, he can't even speak or move.

I am not proud of my decision - well, it isn't a final decision, my daughter may express a wish to go - but I don't feel I have room to manoeuvre.