March 15th, 2011

breaking bad

Two unrelated questions

azdak asks a question which hadn't occurred to me - why hasn't the Emperor of Japan expressed any comment on the disaster? It may be that the role of the Emperor is so different from that of royal families in Europe that it is not expected? Not even a message via minions? In the UK this sort of thing is more or less the main/only job of the Royal family, visiting the disaster site, praising the rescue teams etc. It's an interesting - and quite big - cultural difference.

And here's a completely unrelated technical question. I use Google Chrome as a browser and Flash keeps crashing. I can temporarily fix it by disabling the latest version of Flash, and that works for a few moments and then it crashes again. There are various discussions threads talking about it, but none of the proposed solutions seems to work permanently. I am going to ditch Chrome today if I don't find a solution, which is annoying because I got used to it.