March 7th, 2011

breaking bad

The only turdidae I want to see in a tree is a song thrush

I went for a lovely walk yesterday, but I just have to rant about one thing. Dog poo. Of course it's fine for dogs to poo in the countryside, if it's off the track (say in a ditch, where only other animals are going to encounter it). It probably breaks down very quickly. Good.

And I don't mind owners picking up the dog poo in a little plastic bag. In an urban setting that's essential. In the countryside - fine. Yes, also good.

But what I can't stand is owners putting the biodegradable dog poo into a sealed non-eco-friendly plastic baggy, and leaving it lying there. Worst of all (and why the hell do they do this?) hang the little repulsive bag of decaying dog turds on a pretty tree?

'Hey, look at the fluffy willow buds... On second thoughts look away again.'

Leave it to decay, or take it away. But don't hang it up for me to inspect, because I don't wanna see it.