March 2nd, 2011

breaking bad

Three great things I've been reading

Three meta-narratives lots of stuff I have seen in blogs recently.

Martin at Everything is Nice has posted an extended analysis of the Arthur C Clarke Award shortlisted novels, mostly as very clear pie charts - how many have a male vs female main protagonist, how many feature sex and/or violence, how many pass the Bechdel test etc. This post summarises the analysis so it's a good place to start.

Todd Alcott has posted a ten-part analysis of True Grit. I don't actually agree with most of it: he finds a stronger Christian allegory in there than I do, and is much more critical of the characters, but it's still a great analysis. This is part one, and all ten are on the front page of his blog right now.

Comic writer Francesco Marciuliano at Medium Large has a really hilarious series of posts up. He is using quotes from Charlie Sheen's notorious recent interview(s), which have been so bad that Two And A Half Men has actually been taken off the air as far as I can tell. He puts these quotes as captions on LOLcats pics. It made me laugh to an unseemly extent. You can read them here, and here and here.