February 20th, 2011

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A post on AV

Andrew Rawnsley in the Guardian says:
The more the public learns about the attractions of being able to rank candidates in order of preference, the more people will like it.
However if you read this UK polling report the exact opposite is the case:
The last Populus poll for the Times (split)... the sample, giving half of them just the bare referendum question and half of them a brief description of what the options were – describing AV as a system where “voters number the candidates they like in order of preference, and the candidate who gets more than half the support of the voters in the constituency is elected”.

With the bare question, 41% supported YES, 29% supported NO ... When given an explanation of the systems the figures were 29% YES, 43% NO .

People do appear to like the idea of a change of electoral system, but are more doubtful when told about what AV actually is.

I have personally changed my mind on electoral reform in the past year, and I know I am now out of step with many other people on my f-list. I do not think the proposed change to AV is a good move. A big factor for me was the large number of Lib Dems saying to me 'There is nothing complicated about it... very simple... just rank candidates in order of preference.' Nothing to see here - the old Lib Dem message.
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doctor chemistry

Mystery Dance

I wrote a Breaking Bad fanfic, on account of finishing my book.

Context: For most of episode 2.02, Walt and Jesse are absent. Everyone is looking for them. It turns out they spent that episode locked in the trunk (=boot) of Jesse's car together. We never find out any more than that. It's a black box.

Walt's street name is Heisenberg.

My icon (for this post) is a picture of Walt drawn by Jesse.

Mystery Dance

What we observe is not nature itself, but nature exposed to our method of questioning.

Werner Heisenberg

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