February 4th, 2011

breaking bad

A Redder Harvest

My god. They have discovered 15 previously-unknown Dashiell Hammett short stories. Bloody hell.
Rainey screwed himself around in his chair to see us better, or to let us see him better.

I was sitting next to him, a little to the rear. Above the porch rail his profile stood out sharp against the twilight gray of the lake, though there was nothing sharp about the profile itself. It had been smoothly rounded by thirty-five or more years of comfortable living.

"I wouldn't have a dog that was cat-shy," he wound up. "What good is a dog, or a man, that's afraid of things?"
breaking bad

Writing courses

I still have some training money to spend and I am thinking of signing up to an Arvon course.

Three options which I am toying with (I can only really afford one of them)

- a non-fiction course in Yorkshire in October, because I do write non-fiction. David Peace is the guest tutor, and I think he's a great writer.

- a ghost story course in Scotland at Halloween, because it sounds like good fun. I suppose I will never write fiction professionally, but I think I'd enjoy the course.

- one of Arvon's many poetry courses, because I do like reading and writing poetry.

Do you have any advice?
breaking bad

Empty your pockets

I am posting a lot today. Sorry. This is the last one.

The Coalition made a big thing that they were banning the fingerprinting of school kids - an urban myth*. But now they have introduced body-searching of school kids, as a real thing. As in - no kids were ever fingerprinted in real life, but kids will be searched in real life. And searched for what? For mobile technology.

We think that technology should be integrated and used within the classroom, but the new people think it's a threat to be contained and excluded. I think the model of an ideal classroom is to resemble a minor public school in the 1970s - Michael Gove's experience. Like his view of what should be taught in history or what should be taught in literature, it's an autocratic imposition of his own idiosyncracies onto the entire education system.

* Cashless lunch-payment systems work by finger-touch, but it's an urban myth that they take or store fingerprints. These finger-touch systems in any case have not been removed from the few schools which use them, and the requirement for parental consent remains. The noises made on the subject are pure unadulterated bullshit.