January 23rd, 2011

breaking bad

127 Hours

127 Hours is a film by Danny Boyle, based on a true life story of a hiker who was trapped for several days in a canyon in Utah, and ran out of water. The events were widely reported at the time, but I will spoiler-cut just in case you don't know what happened.
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There is a genre of minimalist survival-stories. I think my favourite is Touching the Void. I watched Buried last November, about a contractor stuck in a grave in Iraq, which was too spare to be quite successful. This one is very much Danny Boyle's take, and I like his style. It's vivid and visceral, there are echoes of Sunshine and Train Spotting, and I think it presented a story which could have been exploitative, and managed to make you feel the person's terrible situation without being creepy. It was quite sentimental, but then I think people are sentimental in real life.

For most of the film the drama is internal, but unlike Buried, the experience is dramatised so there is a lot going on, on screen. It is minimalist in its conception - one man between two walls of rock - but visually there is a lot of action, special effects, other people and so on. The hiker made a video diary in real life during his experience. The guy very understandably has not given permission for the real thing to be broadcast but it is reproduced (reimagined perhaps) here.

It's gruesome and bloody in places, and I think this is the major factor to take into account when you decide if you want to see it. Collapse )
breaking bad

Some small fandom vids

Many of my lj friends have been linking to Festivids: small fandom gift exchange.

Taken from that list, here are some fan-vids for little fandoms I like a lot:

Let It Be: Mad Men set to The Beatles. It's about Peggy and Don: their various relationships vs their enduring friendship, over four seasons. I think this is a deep and ambiguous vid. (ETA I just watched this again and it makes emotion well up inside of me. It's nice to see the depiction of a loving platonic relationship between a man and a woman.)

Cat on a Hot Tin Roof: Indiana Jones to the Brian Setzer Orchestra. Harrison Ford and Rockabilly are two of my favourite things.

Baby's First Christmas: Misfits to Connie Francis. Shame it uses the Christmas episode which I think was the least interesting of last season.

As Above So Below: Pan's Labyrinth to Enya and Gustavo Santaolalla. The music is quite subdued but the visuals are very strong.

Knockin' on Heaven's Door: Point Break. Ah, Keanu and Swayze at their most lovely, directed by Kathryn Bigelow. Nice.

LA Woman: Pulp Fiction to The Doors. What a brilliant film.