January 7th, 2011

breaking bad

'Apparent mollification of major botnets'

You may have seen the news that the global level of spam dropped precipitously lately. Nobody knows if this is permanent or temporary.

Here's the BBC report: 'The vast majority of spam is sent by networks of infected computers known as botnets.'

I love this comment from Symantec:
The main cause of this drop is a from a huge reduction in output from the Rustock botnet, by far the most dominant spam botnet of 2010. Since 25th December, Rustock seems to have all but shut down, with the amount of spam coming from it consistently accounting for below 0.5% of all spam worldwide. Further contributing to the massive reduction in spam levels is the apparent mollification of two other major botnets, Lethic and Xarvester. MessageLabs Intelligence has seen virtually nothing from Lethic since the 28th December, and Xarvester since the 31st December.

As someone on metafilter says, this reads like a quote from A Fire Upon the Deep.
breaking bad

Just one more thing...

Interesting article in the Guardian. Which literary figure wrote the following poem?
"One day Columbo and the queen
They fell into a quarrel
Columbo showed his disrespect
By farting in a barrel.
The queen she called him horse's ass
And "dirty Spanish loafer"
They terminated the affair
By fucking on the sofa."

"The poems are known as the King Bolo series, and were at irregular intervals sent by the author to friends who included Conrad Aiken, Clive Bell, Bonamy Dobrée, James Joyce, Wyndham Lewis, and Ezra Pound."

The author was of courseCollapse )

Columbo went on to have his own TV show, but I don't think the incident with the queen on the sofa was ever committed to film.