December 22nd, 2010

breaking bad

Using the ten-dollar words

Go to Google advanced search, select 'reading level' and pick 'annotate results'. Then enter your blog URL into 'search within site'. Hey presto, Google will evalute the level of your prose.

This is mine for this blog: 50% basic, 42% intermediate, 7% advanced.

Here is an article from Technology Review on some of the implications of this tool for searching. However, I've got to say I think that technical people are mistaken when they assume that complexity of language is equivalent to complexity of thought. You could argue that complexity of prose is a mere tool.
breaking bad

15 from 2010

Here are the 15 best new books I read this year. They weren't all first published this year, but they are all fairly new. I have sorted them roughly into a top 15, but they are all worth a read I think:
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