December 21st, 2010

breaking bad

This year in TV and politics

Seeing myself as TV-media-buyer Harry in Mad Men has been quite liberating. I can imagine myself as a lucky person participating wide-eyed in a culture more exciting than she really deserves. Guilt-free! Not going to get an icon of him though as he is a bit of a dork.

I have just been reading back through my posts for 2010, and here is a list of links to my top ten articles and videos at the intersection of TV and Politics. Seems to have been a bit of a theme this year:

Charlie Brooker urges Labour to adopt 'Breaking Bad' as a model for its electoral strategy.

David Mitchell bemoans Conservative plans to undermine the BBC

Richard Morgan (at Torque Control) on SF television - why so bad? "It’s not that the talent isn’t out there – it’s that the genre as a consumer demographic assigns negligible value to that talent. We would rather wallow in threadbare franchise mediocrity and clichéd visions thirty years past their sell-by date."

David Tennant and Sean Pertwee: Party Political Broadcast on behalf of the Labour Party (oh and Eddie Izzard with a similar message)

Charlie Brooker (again) on Mad Men: The notion that nothing happens in Mad Men is bullshit.

Nick Mamatas: Marxist reading of True Blood

David Hare: Mad Men and socialism

Mitch Benn: Proud of the BBC

China Mieville: Rolling towards the police, a criticism of the BBC

My link post on gender representation in Misfits

(chronological order)
breaking bad

Misfits Christmas Special

I was a little disappointed by the Christmas Special of Misfits, after whole-heartedly embracing Season 2 as a TV triumph. I think possibly my expectation was too high. I expected the 'special' to top the season, and how could it - the season was a coherent narrative, the special was a bauble. Also, I need to come to terms with shock-television. The shocks in season 2 were validated by being part of a meaningful story, which was quite redemptive and beautiful. The Christmas Special occupies an awkward position - the characters have each reached a contingent redemption, before a new cycle begins.
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