December 20th, 2010

ace rimmer

Monday is quiz day

Monday I generally work from home anyway, and I close my work day with an orgy of TV quiz watching. I am planning today to watch Pointless, Eggheads, University Challenge and Only Connect. My daughter is here of course, and when I told her my plans she said 'Awesome'. I said I didn't think Pointless was in the scope of phenomena which could be described as awesome, but she said it definitely is. I think Alexander Armstrong is an hilarious host. Well, all of them really except Jeremy Paxman are kind of amateurish and uncomfortable, and that's a lot of the fun of it.

PS My plumber Henryk has just given me the same ear-wigging I get from all Europeans about how rubbish English houses are when it gets cold. Apparently the risk of a burst is low, but the pipes will take half a day to warm slowly through before we get any water. Blimey.
breaking bad

This charmless man

I predicted earlier this year than Michael Gove would be out of his job before I am out of mine. Looking more likely all the time.

Without making any comment, I will just quote some sentences from the Guardian report on his abolition of School Sports Partnerships (now overruled):
Gove did not bother to ....look at how the system worked before deciding he knew best. He did not discuss his move with other ministers with far more knowledge of the issues than himself... peddled shockingly misleading statistics ... irresponsible and deeply insulting to those in the field who knew they did not reflect the true picture... driven by a sense of mission so powerful that.... it can obscure good sense and make him believe he does not need to bother to research his subject... if this whole episode is an indication of how much thought goes into other major changes being planned for children attending state schools, then we should be very, very worried indeed.