December 14th, 2010

breaking bad

Jody McIntyre interview

Quick drive-by posting. I have complained to the BBC (complaints form here) about the conduct of this interview with the disabled protester who was pulled out of his wheelchair and dragged along the road by a policeman.

I think the interviewer, Ben Brown, takes an inappropriately defensive stance: 'Were you wheeling towards the police in a threatening manner?' He should be neutral. The interviewee, Jody McIntyre, is exemplary I think. Watch and learn from a master. He doesn't lose his temper, and he doesn't back down one inch. He makes Brown look like a blustering fool.

ETA China Mieville blogs on the same topic today.
‘Rolling towards the police’ might become a media meme, this year’s Comical Ali

ETA The BBC Responds, in a patronising way, to the complaints, in a post which itself receives hundreds of further complaints.

ETA (I am using this post to collect links I like on this subject) John Walker criticises the BBC reporting of the recent student protests. Very funny piece.
breaking bad

Misfits: this is how to do sex and violence

This is my third post about Misfits. I have now decided I really love the show. I am very excited about that because it's ages since I really liked any SF show, any British show, or any comedy show. All the shows I have enjoyed in the last few years have been mainstream American dramas like Mad Men and Breaking Bad.

So it's terrific for me to find a home-grown show, and low budget comedy/SF to boot, which is bloody fantastic. Though I must say my feeling is that like Breaking Bad it is becoming less comedic and more heart-breaking as it goes.

The second season has been even better than the first season I think. It's been more substantial, and the characters have gained depth. Misfits reminds me of Red Dwarf: the first season set up an interesting premise, which was enough to keep you watching, but it was only as the characterisation developed that it became something more than a clever idea. I think a third season is assured, and I am hopeful.

It took me a while to warm to the show because it has a style I am not used to: very in-your-face. For example, when two characters were mutually masturbating I tore my headphones off, because I really didn't like listening to the squelching sounds. Having said that, I thought the sexual shenanigans of season 2 were a great improvement, and what you see is fairly explicit, but also well integrated into the story. And not exploitative of women I thought. The big sex scene of 2.03 was very girl-positive I thought. And it got a strong positive reaction from girl fans. Crikey.

It's also quite violent. The character I like best, Simon, actually killed a woman and put her in a freezer, which is pretty far down my list of sympathetic actions, but again - well integrated into the show, makes sense in context. I am thinking now about why the sex and violence in this show isn't as risible as Torchwood. Perhaps I should be grateful to Torchwood for having gone where no man had gone before, and opening the way for someone to do it better. (sorry Torchwood fans).