December 2nd, 2010

breaking bad

Weather and other things

Hilariously my over-excitable friends at Google are predicting a low of -16C today. In Coventry. I don't think so.

I am glad today's trip to London has been cancelled. Glad because I have been reading some of my lj-friends posts about travelling home last night. Do not want.

In other news. Russian state dominated by Gangsterism. Furthermore The President of Turkmenistan is corrupt and conservative. This changes Everything! (PS I do support what wikileaks are doing... this just made me laugh is all).

Have you seen all this stuff about finger-length supposedly being correlated to how butch you are? They seem to announce this about once every six months. Well, my fingers are girl-shaped (index longer than ring finger) but I am not very girly, so take that science.
breaking bad

A Question of Sport

What do Qatar and Russia have in common? Pick only one.

- Among the finest footballing nations on Earth
- Inclusive welcoming attitude to all ethnic and religious groups
- Will use occasion of a major international sporting event to support the human rights and prosperity of their humblest citizens
- Award massive building contracts on the basis of bribery and intimidation, suppress labour unions and tolerate widespread official corruption

Put it like that, I'm amazed Britain didn't get it.