October 29th, 2010

breaking bad

Changing my mind

I was just re-reading a post I made before the election:
I want to live in a healthy democracy where many different political views compete. Throughout the last decade, in which the other two parties have not pushed back very successfully, I have always known that it must change, while simultaneously dreading the return of Thatcherism (of some kind).

So, in some ways, the current surge of the Lib Dems is a positive push-back. If the push-back comes from Tories plus Lib Dems it is much less likely to be catastrophic than if the Tories were to win solo. It might also have good consequences, for example if the voting system is reformed from first past the post, and the political system is opened up. I hope that is the lasting consequence of these events.

And of course none of these hopes have come to fruition. The Lib Dems have been in my opinion such a disaster that I have changed my mind not only about ever voting for them, but about electoral reform itself. I've changed my mind about that because under FPTP I know what to do (never put an X against Tory or Lib Dem) but under more complex systems I don't know what to do. Oh, I've no doubt someone can explain to me for any particular system how to make it work for me (only pick one preference, choose Green plus Labour in one order or another) but these things can't be handled on a case by case basis for every voter.

So, two big ways I have changed my mind since April.