July 25th, 2010

breaking bad

Toy Story 3

Yesterday I went with my daughter to see Toy Story 3. It will be no surprise to anyone that it is an excellent film: the characterisation, the plotting, the visual design and the incidental jokes are all first class. It really shows up the mediocre quality of so many other films. Abigail commented on Inception that it is plotted as a heist movie, and the heist just isn't very well handled. The equivalent in Toy Story is a breakout from a maximum security playgroup (this is in reviews so not too much of a spoiler) and it is exemplary: each role is crucial, and they are interlocked in a complex but logical pattern, there is a balance between planned and improvised actions, the pacing of peril is just right. Could not be better written.

Four writers are credited on imdb, though to me it almost seemed like this was the work of a much larger creative team, as with the Simpsons, because of the generosity of jokes, as if the whole surface was embroidered. The voice acting is also really excellent.

However, half way through I was sitting there thinking, OMG, this is going to be the most unpopular opinion ever, but I think this film is irredeemably flawed. And then, what do you know, the flaws were to some extent overcome in later scenes.
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breaking bad

Pub Quiz answers

These are the pubs featured in these films and TV shows. I may have these wrong, I haven't googled them, so let me know if you disagree:

1) Steptoe and Son: The Skinner's Arms
2) Emmerdale: The Wool Pack
3) The Likely Lads: The Fat Ox
4) Coronation Street: The Rovers Return
5) East Enders: The Queen Victoria
6) Withnail and I: The Mother Black Cap
7) American Werewolf in London: The Slaughtered Lamb
8) Shaun of the Dead: The Winchester
9) Minder: The Winchester
10) Only Fools and Horses: The Nag's Head

Bonus question: the pub Jez and Super Hans were planning to set up in Peep Show: The Swan and Paedo

Life on Mars: The Railway Arms
Ashes to Ashes: Luigi's
Hitchikers Guide: Wikipedia says The Beehive, but I think that's the name of the actual pub they used
Four Weddings: The Boatman

With six answers correct I proclaim getawaywithit the winner.