July 8th, 2010

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I haven't posted much about the World Cup because to be honest I didn't rate the English team very highly, and while I supported them, I didn't really hope for much from them. It's thwarted hope that brings the emotional charge, as my Germany-supporting friends such as obsessive24 have experienced.

Until last night's defeat by Spain, Germany seemed to have achieved some kind of tactical innovation which allowed them to take apart teams which were player-for-player more skilful - more or less the precise opposite to England which continues to squander its resource. My feeling is that this was Germany's World Cup to win, because four years from now other teams will have processed whatever it is the Germans are doing, and adapted to it. I certainly haven't figured it out; some kind of speed chess with athleticism.

I am not sure what Spain did to neutralise that tactic: of course the individual brilliance of certain players, but this hasn't been enough for other countries. I think Spain have been less nervous than other teams. Germany seemed on edge to me. In fact there has been a great sense of nervousness over this tournament. I think international interest is greater than ever, with new expanding audiences in the developing world, and resistant nations such as the USA. Perhaps this is freaking people out?

Anyway, surely the story of the Tournament is the unimpeachable record of Paul the Psychic Octopus. This Weymouth-born mollusc has correctly predicted the result of every German game. Apparently several German TV stations interrupted their broadcasts to bring live coverage of Paul's predictions to a nation on tenterhooks. To their dismay he predicted Spain would win.

In fact, perhaps that's what went wrong for the German team last night - as they played they felt the weight of a psychic octopus on their backs.
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Emmy Breakdown

Complete new Emmy nominations can be read here (link to PDF). Breaking Bad and Mad Men get nominations for Best Direction, Best Lead and Best Supporting Actor, and Outstanding Drama Series. Mad Men also gets nominated for Lead Actress (Betty Draper) and Supporting Actress (Joan Holloway). Overall Mad Men gets 17 nominations which makes it the most nominated drama series.

The Outstanding Drama Series nominations are Breaking Bad, Mad Men, Dexter, The Good Wife, Lost and True Blood. Possibly The Good Wife will get it, because it is nice to have at least one show which is not dominated by male characters (this isn't me damning it with faint praise - I haven't watched it - I just think a show like that should get a crack).

Anyway, people may like to see how their own favourites have done. Glee is the most-nominated show.