May 28th, 2010

breaking bad

Work and age

I'm working from home today - I feel I need a quiet time. I'm revising a report with contributions from writers in Austria, Denmark, Portugal and Sweden. This is the kind of work I like to do. It's interesting and suits me.

I was talking (in an f-locked post) about the difficulties I might have looking for work at my age. I joked about people saying 'You don't seem that old', but afterwards I thought it might seem as if I was boasting 'People think I seem young'. That wasn't how I meant it at all. I don't think seeming either young or old is important.

On the other hand, I feel that I am more effective and wily than I ever have been in my life. When I was in my thirties I worked as a lecturer and then a writer, two jobs where it is possible to be a bit maverick and resistant to organisational politics. I think it made me a bit lazy. Working in a more structured environment (as I have in my forties) has been frustrating and I've complained a lot, but it has forced me to develop skills I didn't have before.

Of course, I am not saying I know more than other people, I'm saying I know more than I used to. But, now I am a greater asset than I used to be, I may find it harder to get a job. Or perhaps - and this would be typical of me - I am gloomily anticipating problems that will not materialise.