May 19th, 2010

breaking bad

Long post on the basket of measures

The new coalition has presented a basket of measures within a narrative of 'restoring civil rights'. I know a little about three of these measures (virtually nothing about the rest). I think an argument could be made in favour of each of these measures, but each one represents a tricky and delicate trade-off, where there will be serious consequences whichever route is chosen. The narrative that has been used is simplistic, and makes me feel that the genuine rights dilemmas have not been considered.

The three are: the abandonment of the transferable identity scheme, legislation on biometrics in schools, and the cancellation of the Contact Point system. As with most news stories when you know anything about the subject, the way it is presented seems to be way off. I get the impression that this misleading narrative has been fed to the press by the PR teams of the coalition parties.
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