April 6th, 2010

breaking bad

boisterous events

Got lots of little thoughts today.

Last night when the election was called I felt sick in my stomach. I just want to get through the next three years, get my kids through University and into independence, then me and H can cut back and live in a shack somewhere. But three years I have to hang on to solvency. I tell myself, I may be a bit flaky but I am smart, and I can get through.

On a lighter note - What about that Alex Guttenplan then? I see I am not the only one who admires the boy - he's all over the newspapers.

I have been reading Ted Hughes on Coleridge. This text represents what I was trying to say about reviewing and art at that panel the other day.
Poems (can) never be explained. They are total symbols of psychic life. But they can be interpreted - a total symbol is above all a vessel for interpretations: the reader fills it and drinks... the only value of these remarks to some other reader may be - to prompt them to fill the vessel for themselves from their own sources.' (A choice of Coleridge's verse, Ted Hughes, p22, my stress)

Incidentally, you will be familiar with Laudanum: opium dissolved in brandy. People used to take a few drops in water? Coleridge was getting through four pints a week. 'And drunk the milk of paradise'.

Via Ben Goldacre's site, check out this Daily Mail article - Water makes you fat - Almost a parody of itself, and the subheadings are very telling: 'Women are to blame'; 'Filter out the enemy'. Their words reveal them.
breaking bad

Upsetting footage

Yesterday I watched the video of Iraqi people being gunned down in the street, and I thought about posting it here, and then I didn't because I thought it would be too upsetting. When I watched it yesterday Youtube 'views' were less than 400, now they are nearly two million. I think that increasing the number of people who have seen it is a good idea. However, be aware you see real people being killed, and their bodies run over by tanks.

What you see at the end is a man who was driving past, taking his children to a language class (it turns out) in a van, when he sees the final survivor crawling in the gutter. He stops to lift the dying man into the back of his van, and the soldiers open fire on him, kill him and wound his children. They then say 'it's their fault for bringing their kids into a battle'.

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Respect to Youtube for not taking it down, and to wikileaks for sourcing it.