February 22nd, 2010

breaking bad

Books vs Cigarettes

Not getting out much lately I have read a lot more than usual. Yesterday I read Books vs Cigarettes by George Orwell: this is a little penguin collection of essays which I hadn't read before.

George Orwell is such a good writer than he gives me a rush feeling. I am always, and literally always, thinking to myself 'I must quote that paragraph in my blog'. I think it may be because he tried more than anything else to be honest, so his style is clear: form follows function. And his insights strike me in two ways - mostly thinking 'nothing has changed', and occasionally thinking 'that has changed a great deal, what a window onto how things used to be'.

The essays included in the volume are all available online, but it was a great little volume to read through on a snowy evening. Links below are to online copy, and I've done a little star-rating where *** is must-read.
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