January 16th, 2010



I haven't posted about Haiti because I can't think of anything helpful to say. But I don't want to act like it isn't happening. In the last day it's become clearer that it's worse than it seemed at first - which was pretty bad anyway. I'm not going to gripe about the stupid things a few people have been saying. I think the very impressive immediate reaction from around the world is wonderful. The problems with getting relief to the area are to do with logistics not lack of will, it seems. I know that's scant comfort for people who haven't got water and medicines. However, I hope that because of the big gesture from all sides, once the aid does get through there is sufficient to establish some proper facilities.

ETA - OK just one criticism, of my newspaper, the Guardian - starving and dehydrated people scavenging for the necessities of life are not 'Looters'. I expect better.